Invicta Trout

Committed to growing the best quality fish

Invicta trout was built to a standard Danish design by my father Charles Duffin. It initially supplied table trout locally to Galloway foods but it was quickly realized that its design lent itself to producing excellent quality restocking fish. It also had and still has an excellent hatchery.

Over the years the restocking business escalated to the point that we needed additional space to grow our fish and some twenty years ago we took on Trossachs Trout farm in Callender. This enabled us to move our entire table production to Trossachs giving much needed space at Invicta for restocking fish.

Today between the two farms we can grow 400 tonnes per year all from eggs hatched at Invicta in our hatchery.

Both Invicta and Trossachs are excellent restocking farms committed to growing the best quality fish for your fishery,

Our Farm

The Farm takes water from Cairn water, it flows through the farm naturally and sustainably by gravity providing the perfect conditions to grow are hard fighting fish. The advantage of our farm is its low carbon footprint and no loss of water to the environment.

Our Fish

Our fantastic looking rainbows have been selected for their excellent appearance and hard fighting capabilities. The eggs are from certified disease-free farms. They are all hatched and reared on site, grown slowly and then hand graded to ensure the best quality fish for our customers.

Our Team

Meet the Team

We are happy to discuss contract growing with any other farms who may be interested, all fish sold will be vaccinated for ERM at 5 grams.

Please contact us to learn more.