Our Fish

Rainbow Trout

Our fantastic looking rainbows have been selected by us and over the past few years proven them selves to be something special. They are only available through us and have become well known in the circles of anglers where they are stocked. They have a long muscular appearance, shimmering silver sides and a few dark spots. Anglers have likened them to a freshly run sea trout.

We can supply rainbows of any size from 1g to 5kg plus. 

Tiger Trout

Tiger trout really are something special and a great fish to get people talking and attracted to your fishery. They are a hybrid between a female brown and a male brook trout. The result is a hard fighting, hardy and very good-looking fish. Highly predatory and an unusual catch, always a crowd pleaser and something special to talk about.

Brown Trout

We think our brown trout are some of the best in the UK. They are hand selected for quality with excellent variation in the colours and markings. They are available to order only but small numbers may also be available on a first come basis.

We are happy to discuss contract growing with any other farms who may be interested, all fish sold will be vaccinated for ERM at 5 grams.

Please contact us to learn more.